The FPA has developed a pilot program designed to assist small rural churches to educate and inform persons within underserved constituencies who are most vulnerable to home fires.


Families in rural church congregations trust and know their minister as having their best interest at heart. While a minister’s first task is to save souls, FPA is asking clergy to help save lives by sharing fire prevention information.

Most people who die in home fires live in rural areas, and most often are low-income children, minorities, and the elderly. Churches are often best suited to reach these groups within a given community, and often find persons from these high-risk groups within their own congregations.

FPA provides downloadable materials including a fire prevention checklist and poster for the church bulletin board.

Ministers who are interested in participating in this program are invited to call 1-865-657-9840.

Click on these links to explore the components of the Rural Church Program.

Poster for Churches [PDF]

Request Card for Fire Prevention Kits [PDF]

Fire Prevention Kit [PDFs]